In support of Women’s History Month, we were compelled to share why women should have a seat at the table to grow sustainable businesses.  Despite much of the progress that has been made in recent years to increase diversity and inclusivity efforts, there is still a great disparity in the gender differences in the workplace. There are many reasons as to why further efforts should be made to increase the number of women in the workplace overall, as well as in more management and executive leadership roles.  Here are some of the most important reasons we believe that women should be encouraged to speak out at all levels, and some of the most important aspects of women leadership that we push here at The L3 Agency.


1. Mentorship

Women serve as great mentors for younger female employees and work actively to prepare them for the challenges and difficulties they may face. They support newer members of the company, and community overall, in getting accustomed to the environment and help them identify the proper resources and skills needed to succeed at their position. Even starting from the CEO level, looking out for younger members of the company who would thrive with some extra guidance greatly boosts company loyalty and promotes an active, engaged company culture that fosters innovation and invites further talent.


2.  Diversity

Not only is diversity of thought important in creating an environment that encourages creativity, diversity in experiences is also essential in that it allows for various perspectives to be heard. From the creative team to upper management, being sure to include people with great breadth in their interpretations of the content will increase the flow of ideas and encourage an innovative attitude. This focus on diversity ensures that your marketing campaign will be able to resonate with a large audience since the driving team behind it represents such a wide array of people themselves.


3. Inclusivity

Including people of various backgrounds, age, race, and gender is key in accommodating the incredible differences between people that allows for the rich communication and creativity needed to create an effective campaign. Working diligently to increase the number of women present at all key meetings will inherently help promote a culture that embraces people of all types.

4. Empathy

A key characteristic of any great leader is their ability to understand the problems faced by their team and proactively work to address these issues. Women are quite capable of listening and truly comprehending the pain points of their clients and employees alike, which then allows them to create systems that effectively deliver solutions to optimize their system overall. Being able to understand someone else’s experiences, whether that may be in their professional life or any personal events that could impact performance, will help develop a more compassionate working culture within your company.


5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Eighty-six percent of American females stated that they would not work for a firm with a poor CSR reputation. Social responsibility is the idea that businesses should balance profit-making activities with activities that benefit society; it involves developing businesses with a positive relationship to the society in which they operate. Given the increasing community pressure on large corporations to engage with their local community and give back in some manner to a social cause, smaller organizations can also model themselves around this outlook. Being actively engaged in the hiring process to ensure that your company’s workforce looks as diverse as America truly is will ensure that your company represents a plethora of perspectives and outlooks, which in turn draws an even more diverse talent pool. It is the responsibility of every individual, and more broadly, every company, to ensure that women are offered the same opportunities as their male counterparts.


We look forward to a future in which such efforts are a natural part of all companies’ processes.


At The L3 Agency, we work hard to ensure that women have the skills and resources they need to succeed at any position in their career. This is how we are able to work with incredible talent to deliver meaningful campaigns for our clients, as well as advocating for the achievements and accomplishments of all of our staff members.


We hope you will join and participate in the conversation.  



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