The 4th Quarter: Where The Team Stands Tall


In the sports world, stars are made in the 4th quarter. Players are immortalized, for good or bad, based on the way they approach their final opportunity to win. The 4th quarter in the business world is no different. The most successful companies and business leaders know how to seize these final moments of the year and use them wisely. Just as in sports, one person might receive all the public glory, but no team championship has ever been won by one player. So while you’re trying to reach your profit goals for the year, make sure to spend the 4th quarter focused on the people that matter: your customers and your employees.

Here at L3, we believe in the power of relationships, for, as we say, they are our currency. With more team members coming on board this summer, and due to the needs of our clients, building strong relationships has become even more of a priority for us. As we approach the 4th quarter, focusing on the people that make business happen is the motto for ourselves and our clients. Here are our five steps for a prosperous 4th quarter:

  • Survey your customers. After almost a year of selling your products and services, use the 4th quarter to gain valuable feedback from your customers and clients. Asking just a few simple questions can provide you with impactful insight and information to better equip you for the next year. You also show your customers that they matter to you, helping to build brand loyalty.

  • Develop a leadership culture. Although there might be just one boss in the office, your company will be more profitable if everyone on your team assumes a sense of leadership and empowerment. Such skills can be developed through retreats, workshops, and conferences; your employees will also learn how to better work together.
  • Have a fun day! Get together with your employees and do something other than work. Find a good weekend to have a picnic, go to a baseball game, see a movie, or grab some lunch. Your team will become stronger and and develop more trust and confidence. You could also have a fun day that is open to your customers to bridge the gap between your business and the community.
  • Set goals with personal incentives. Keep your team motivated by setting goals and benchmarks to be reached by the end of the year. As a reward for reaching these goals, give members of your team personal gifts that show your attentiveness to their lives outside of work. Starbucks gift cards for the coffee fanatic; babysitting certificates for the busy parent; massages for the last person to leave the office. Make your employees feel more important and their work will be more important to them.
  • Plan Ahead. To alleviate some of the stress of moving into the new year, do yourself and your team a huge favor by planning ahead. Make a list of all the tasks that need to be completed within the 4th quarter and into the 1st quarter. Work through these tasks with your reinvigorated team and put yourselves in the best position for success. Your customers will also be better served and more satisfied if your team is organized and working efficiently.


The best teams shine in the 4th quarter. Focus on your customers and your employees in these last few months, as you close out the year strongly and prepare for next year. Building strong relationships is essential to the success of your company. Business is a team sport and great teamwork leads to great service.

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