Naeemah M. – Marketing and Communication Intern

Naeemah Malcome

Remote learning, Zoom University, and long hours looking at my laptop screen has been the new normal.  Starting my senior year of college during a global pandemic will be the most monumental moment of my life.  However, despite the uncertainty of the world, I was determined to make my mark in this world. I began my senior year as the new Marketing & Communications Intern at The L3 Agency!

My first day at The L3 Agency assured me that I had chosen the right major and this was going to help me achieve a successful career in marketing.   It has been extremely exciting to implement and apply the material that  I’ve learned in the Trulaske Business School at Mizzou as an intern.  

I enjoy having the opportunity to give insight, work on new projects, and create ideas that will help tell the story of our clients.  I appreciate the transparency, dedication and support that is given from the leadership team. Larvetta, Mia and Dion have been guiding me through my first day.  

As my first day comes to an end, I look forward to building new relationships, gaining more knowledge and experience  while learning more about myself as I navigate my first virtual internship and make my mark.   This internship will be one of the many achievements during my senior year. What is yours?

Shaquara D. – Assistant Account Executive

Shaquara Dobbey

It is always a struggle to find a job in your field.  However, I was  determined to pursue a job at a brand marketing agency.  At the beginning of the pandemic,   I began to get discouraged  and disappointed that I had not found my  dream job.   When I found out about The L3 Agency through Brittany Applegate I was elated. My interview with Larvetta and Mia was so refreshing  that  it felt like I was talking to my lifetime mentors. When I received the job offer, I knew this was my time and the moment I had been waiting for.   Usually during the first week it can be somewhat awkward and challenging especially since I was training virtually.   

Nevertheless, my first week at L3 was like walking into a family members’ home.  All the squad ladies were  patient as I navigated the  agency’s culture.  I quickly learned  that I was going to fit well here. It is an empowering  environment  where I can  come with questions and offer suggestions  if I don’t understand something. 

During my first week I instantly felt that I was a part of the squad and not just “the new person.” I was put onto new client meetings and tasks right away which motivated me.  It demonstrated their confidence in me and my capabilities to not only work with the team but to make a valuable contribution in this role.   I appreciate the squad of The L3 Agency for being so warm and I am very excited for what is to come.

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