Written by: Dion Warr 

As a team, it’s important to keep a positive outlook and maintain professional energy at all times! While we are always concerned with making sure our clients get results in a timely matter, we are storytellers, and it’s important that we are aware of our impact and influence. So whenever we have our off days we like to take the necessary moments to look back and think about what motivated us to be our best and how we got here. Here are our superpowers that manifested throughout our adolescent days!

Larvetta L. Loftin: “My superpower is talking.  I was able to use my social skills to influence and motivate. As a young teenager,  I was always talking and finding ways to make money. At the age of 13, I was providing babysitting services for the single moms in my building which allowed me to buy the things I wanted. Over the years, I have used my social communications skills to secure business and to motivate others in entrepreneurship.” 

Cj Harris: “My superpower is deep thinking. As a child, I was very quiet –always listening and observing and taking things in. People call me an “old soul.” My ability to think deeply and analyze big picture concepts and break them down into actionable steps has helped me tremendously in my design career. Deep thinking allows me to look beyond and gain insights that others may miss”.

Christa Shavers: “My superpower is I am great with people so I am now a master networker! I love meeting new people everywhere I go. Learning from them and assisting in any way I can. This has led to a career where relationships are the driver for my work with others”.

Mia Hicks: “From when I was a little girl, I enjoyed organizing my toys/clothes and when I would go to visit friends I’d organize their room! Over the years that has transpired to having that organization in all facets of my life”.

Cassie McNeill: “My superpower is my ability to be resilient and emotionally aware. As a child, I seemingly always had hard times in my life and couldn’t always see the light in the situations that occurred to me but I used that to motivate my resiliency and didn’t allow the bad to make me hard (hence the emotionally aware part)!”

Dion Warr: “My superpower is storytelling. As a child reading fantasy and journal-like novels, I enjoyed going through the journey with a character and seeing their development. So with that, I was able to easily create and tell stories that entertain, and draw emotion from others!”

Having superpowers isn’t just a fairytale, It isn’t just something that Wonderwoman or Black Panther contains. It is something we all possess, a strength within us that allows others to witness our glory. When we take the time to look back and contemplate all the things that have contributed to who we are and the goals we have, it’s spectacular to know that there was something we did even as young dreamers, to help build and mold our powers. What were the things you enjoyed or did that influence you over time to be your absolute best? What makes you a valuable asset to yourself and to the team you build with?

We leave you with this.  Never leave home without your power because it is what makes you SUPER!       


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