Written By: Larvetta L. Loftin

I love being an entrepreneur but my position as the Chief Executive Officer of The L3 Agency is to carry out the mission and the goals of the business. As the CEO and the visionary, I had to pivot our business in order for us to grow. One might ask, what does pivot mean in business? Webster’s dictionary says a pivot usually occurs when a company makes a fundamental change to their business after determining (usually through market research) that their product isn’t meeting the needs of their intended market.

When you discover you are not meeting the needs of the intended markets, you must not be afraid to pivot. Pivoting should be as exciting as the first day of school when you get to meet your new teachers, rock your new clothes, establish new friendships and make your mark during the school year.  

In this new decade, here’s how we are innovating to reach new markets: 

  • Built an advisory board 
  • Change our name to The L3 Agency as we are a partnership agency and we will have our own brand style guide.   
  • We are a time-based marketing and research consulting company. We bill our clients based on delivering on-time services.  We use a few apps to help manage our time.  
  • We have two ideal clients. One is for our corporate clients who are looking for a partner for all their marketing needs and our secondary clients are ‘businesses on the rise’ who are looking for project-based consulting work as a partner.  
  • Professional development is a must
  • Adding fun and adventure once a quarter 
  • Attend conferences /events where our corporate clients are to build advocates for our company.  Advocacy is a core strategy for our business. 
  • Adding communication strategies for social and civic engagement and advocacy programming for philanthropy organizations
  • We create access and experiences for marginalized communities
  • We deliver a thoughtful approach to marketing

As we enter into this next decade, our agency is hoping to benefit greatly to this pivot as an MBE certified, women-owned/led company. In fact, I am excited to reach the milestone of 20 years as an entrepreneur and my squad is eager to introduce new experiences.   Cheers to 20 in 2020.  

I hope you will stay connected with us on this journey!    

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