My first day with The L3 Agency exceeded my expectations. I have become pretty adaptable  and comfortable with everything being virtual due to COVID-19, however, I did have a small concern of not being able to build relationships with the L3 team virtually. And I didn’t want to feel like an outcast either.     

Larvetta, Mia, and the rest of this amazing team went out of their way in various ways to ensure that would not be the case. Yet surprised, our morning team call started with cardio. I suddenly knew then I was in for a treat — working with a company that produces quality results and also cares about my wellness.  That’s major!  

From our quick workout to the welcoming introductions, the virtual personalities instantly “clicked”, and the call-to-action gave me an immediate sense of inclusivity. I knew then The L3 Agency would feel like family in no time. I cannot thank this team enough and our leader Larvetta, for making my first day and my first week refreshing as I become acclimated to the agency culture and our client’s culture. I am more excited than ever to achieve groundbreaking results with this team! 

Chanel Carter serves as the project manager for our ComEd Awareness Program

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