Influencer Marketing is the new buzz marketing word. Some are doing it very well and others are taking a stab at it. It’s all about focusing on the right individuals (non-celebrity) in your team, life, or outside that have the influence, personality, and work ethic to build your brand up. The types of influencers you choose for your business to thrive must be chosen thoroughly and thoughtfully. At the L3 Agency, we focus on finding the authentic individuals for these positions to help tell the story.

Here we listed out a group of people who are different types of influencers that we believe are crucial for marketing and you should be persistently seeking out to help
to grow your brand.

  1. Lisa the Connector
    Meet Lisa. She’s the bridge builder of the group. As your Connector, she understands who you are and what you need, and then she connects you to places, programs, customers, potential partners, anyone who can help you out with your ideas. Last week, she introduced a friend to the CEO of an established startup in San Francisco. Lisa is also a passionate blogger with a wide audience who speaks of her favorite brands and attracts those who are interested. The connector knows where to look and what to say to guide you to where you need to be.
  2. Grace the Champion
    Meet Grace. She is your biggest cheerleader. As the Champion of the group, Grace is there as an advocate for you and is always there to support your dreams and goals. Her positivity and enthusiasm radiates onto anyone who meets her. Grace has mentored you through the ups and downs of your business and celebrated with you when you reached your goal. She is already a winner because of her ability to support and help wherever possible without looking for any compensation. It’s thankless but a gratifying role for her. Grace can be a mentor, teacher, even family or friend.
  3. Noah the Motivator
    Meet Noah. This crucial motivator is ready with a plan for action and is there to take action with you. Noah is there to motivate you to reach out and there to entice your audience to come support and celebrate your brand. He always knows exactly what to say to boost your productivity and excitement. As a motivator, Noah is there at all steps of the way. He is not just there to encourage your start because he never drops out during the journey. Noah is there through all the successes and failures. Noah can be a CEO, speakers coworker, etc. who is energetic with a mind full of ideas for the next steps.
  4. Will the Investor
    Meet Will. He’s the investor of your group. Will the Investor is there to invest in you. He wants to fund your business and your ideas, whether that’s financially or through other contributions. You work hard to prove to Will that your ideas are investable because he is still careful with his decisions. Will has generated the money for your best, most innovative endeavors for your business, and your business would not be where it is without his generosity and keen eye. Will can be a donor, benefactor, sponsor, venture capitalist, philanthropist, or friend.
  5. Ben the Maven
    Meet Ben. He is a maven, expert, and connoisseur. This influencer is an information seeker, always willing to pass knowledge onto you and others. Ben loves to research and always be in the know. Although he is seemingly an expert in everything, he has a strong passion and knowledge for marketing and branding. It seems that everyday Ben tells you about new information in the marketing world and the new trends occurring. Ben is always generous when providing and delivering information to you when you ask.

Having these influencers in your life will positively impact your efficiency, your strengths, and your goals. It is always important to consistently keep these people in your life. Do not take these influencers for granted because having each influencer is a great gift. At L3 Agency, this is what we believe is the advantage we provide as influencer marketers. We believe in wrangling the best authentic talent and pair it with the brand to make a compelling campaign.

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